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Makeup Color Correcting 101

by MIRACOS MAKEUP |  | 1 comment

Do you have some skin discoloration? Had a late night, and look tired? Need to cover a blemish, like yesterday? Well, today we are here to share with you our secret weapon...using a color correcting primer to help those imperfections magically disappear! Corrective concealers are a must in our book as using them in your makeup routine not only enables you...

What Does The Shape Of Your Lipstick Say About You


With National Lipstick Day in July, we thought what a great time to have some fun with lipstick. Today, we are going to discuss "What does the shape of your lipstick say about you? Does it match your personality?" Have you ever noticed the shapes of peoples used lipsticks? Have you ever paid attention to your own? Well like all makeup...

Why You Need To Add Watermelon To Your Beauty Routine

by Barbara Ritzman |

Watermelon is perfect on a sizzling summer day, but did you know it is also perfect for your skin? Yes, you read right, not only are they yummy, but are great for enhancing your beauty. With 93% water, this refreshing fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, beautiful for antiaging and keeping your skin hydrated, and glowing. So, if you...

Cheat Sheet To Choosing The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color


When it comes to eyeshadow, choosing the right shade for your eye color is key. Whether your eyes are blue, brown, green, or hazel, there are shades that are meant for you!

Introducing the Stilettos Collection!


NEW PRODUCT ALERT! These past few months - we have been reading all your comments and suggestions for our next makeup brushes. And thanks to your help - we have been able to create some limited edition budget-friendly makeup brushes and makeup brush sets for you. You will absolutely love them and will want to...

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