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What Does The Shape Of Your Lipstick Say About You


With National Lipstick Day in July, we thought what a great time to have some fun with lipstick. Today, we are going to discuss "What does the shape of your lipstick say about you? Does it match your personality?" 

Have you ever noticed the shapes of peoples used lipsticks? Have you ever paid attention to your own? Well like all makeup routines, it can show some of your personality. And the shape of your lipstick, whether curved or a flat top does have some meaning.

You may or may not believe, but it is all in fun. So pull out your lipstick and see what secrets it reveals.

What Does The Shape Of Your Lipstick Reveal About You With Miracos Makeup and Barbie Ritzman
Flat: You are to the point, honest, dependable, and sweet.

Concave: Adventurous, friendly, complex, and inquisitive.

Pointed: Attention seeker, confident, risk taker, you tell it like it is.

Rounded Smooth Tip: Easy going, loveable, generous, and likable.

Slanted Close To the Original: Abides by the rules, schedule driven, and a great follower.

Diagonal: Opinionated, dislikes schedules, and argumentative.

Rounded Tip to The Point: Exaggerates, loveable, domestic and needs people around.

Let us know what does your lipstick shape say about your personality, do you agree?

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