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What are the most common types of makeup brushes and how to use them!


Being a makeup newbie can come with a lot of challenges especially when it comes to makeup brushes… How do you know which one to use?!

Makeup brushes come in a vast range of colors, size and different bristle shapes. And more often than not brands don't name their brushes or even explain how they should be used, which can add confusion to a new makeup user. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to use a brush as long as you reach your desired makeup look. However, if you need a little direction, we can definitely help you with that!

  • Oval Powder Brush

The extra long and fluffy bristles of this brush will help you to evenly distribute loose powders all over your face. You can also use this brush for a light hint of blush along your cheekbones and the apples of your cheeks.

  • Round Blush Brush

The round bristles make it easier to apply blush or bronzer to your cheekbones. Remember when you use contour powder or bronzer, make sure it’s at least two shades darker than your normal skin tone and apply it below your cheekbones.

  • Tapered Foundation Brush

Use this brush to smooth out foundation whether that’s in the liquid or cream form. This will give you a streak-free blended application. Be sure to start in the middle of your face. Blend the foundation product outward. This will help prevent harsh makeup lines that are not the desired look. You can also use this brush lightly apply under-eye concealer.

  • Pointed Concealer Brush

Use this pointed concealer brush to help you with the difficult to get areas that need extra help with coverage such as blemishes or patches of skin with extra redness. You can also use this brush to clean up messy lipstick edges if you aren’t a pro at it yet.

  • Eye Sweep Brush

Use this eye sweep brush to evenly apply powder or cream eyeshadows. You can even dab a bit of on eyeshadow underneath the lower lash line for a smokey eye look.

  • Lip Brush

This brush easily helps lines your lips if you are using lip liner. Not only can this brush be used for your lips, but you can use it to wing your eyeliner with a cream or gel liner or shadow.

  •  Angled Brow Brush

This brush helps you define the shape your eyebrows and fill in any spots that are missing in your brows.

Hope this post helped you figure out / understand how to use your Miraco Makeup brushes better! And that it will help you get your desired makeup look.

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