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Top 10 Must Have Beauty Items For Back To School

by Barbara Ritzman |

Summer is almost coming to an end, and before you know it you’ll be packing up and moving back to campus! However, what you want to take with you and what you need may be hard to decide!

Whether for your early morning class or a late nighter, we have put together our "Top 10 Must Have Beauty Items For Back To School Beauty." The must-have beauty essentials needed to score you an A in back to school beauty.

Top 10 Must Have Beauty Items For Back To College By Miracos Makeup

While going to college can be fun and exciting, it can also be stressful, which unfortunately can show up in our skin in ways we won’t like! Additionally, there are tons of damaging elements that we expose our skin to every day, especially on a crowded college campus. Elements like dust, sweat, and even makeup. Not to mention the lack of sleep and that not so healthy diet. All of which can affect our body and skin negatively!

That is why it is essential that all college girls have a great skincare regimen in place having items like…

  • A Sonic cleansing device to properly exfoliate and remove those old dead skin cells.
  • Eye Cream: Late nights and earlier mornings can reveal some unwanted under eye bags. Having a great under mask or cream is a must in our book. 
  • A Moisturizing Cleanser: Removing your makeup is essential and add some much-needed moisturizer to even out your skin tone is a must. Trust us your skin will thank you later.

Beauty Items

Dry Shampoo: Let’s get real, sometimes you don’t have time to wash your hair, and a hat doesn’t always cut it. So on those days, a dry shampoo can help to soak up all of that unwanted oil and add some life back into your hair.

Concealer: After a long night of studying or hanging out with friends an early morning class can be a nightmare, but you don’t want to look like one. Hense, a great under eye concealer can help you fake a well-rested appearance.

Eyeshadow Palette: Makeup can be expensive, however investing in a quality eyeshadow makeup palette with plenty of colors to choose from can take you from an everyday look to a night out on campus.

Eyeshadow Brushes: A excellent makeup brush set can help any fierce student to walk into class with confidence and flare. Whether you’re are looking for a sultry smoky eye (Essential Eye Set), or a full-faced summer glow that works all year round (The Essential Set), the Miracos Stiletto Collection brush sets have you primed, covered, and set.

Miracos Makeup Essential Eye Brush Kit
A Facial Mist: By midday, you may start to lose your momentum. Give your self a little pick me up, to help your skin look and feel revived and alive.

Mascara: Another, you overslept moment and not enough time to put on your makeup. Mascara can be your savior, helping you to look more put together than you feel.

Highlighter: Another great product to add some life and glow to that lackluster skin is a great highlighter! Don’t leave home without it!

Bonus... We know that we said top 10; however we have added another a Makeup Bag! Dorms can be tight quarters so keeping all of your beauty essentials in one place so you can find them quickly is another must in our book!
Miracos Makeup Cosmetic Bag For Dorm Storage
So there you have it beauties, all the beauty tools needed to score you an A in back to school beauty. 

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