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Makeup Color Correcting 101

by MIRACOS MAKEUP |  | 1 comment

Do you have some skin discoloration? Had a late night, and look tired? Need to cover a blemish, like yesterday? Well, today we are here to share with you our secret weapon...using a color correcting primer to help those imperfections magically disappear!

Corrective concealers are a must in our book as using them in your makeup routine not only enables you to create a perfect canvass to apply your foundation and other makeup, they are also great for hiding those imperfections! On the same token you can go overboard, so proper application is essential.  Either way, understanding what each color can do and exactly how to use them is key and we are here to help.

Some Tid Bits On Correcting Concealers

  • They are concealers formulated to wear under your foundation.
  • You should only use them on those areas that need a little extra help.
  • They diffuse light to help minimize flaws.
  • Evens out any skin discoloration, so makeup glides on evenly.
  • Helps increase foundation longevity.

Additionally, these correctors come in many different textures including, powders, creams, and liquids. So depending on what you need to correct, there is a color and texture that can help.  It is, however, essential to do most color correction before applying your foundation as you do not want it to mix with your foundation color. 

color wheel, skin correcting by Miracos Makeup

What Color(s) To Select

You’ve heard us mention the color wheel before.  It is imperative to consider the color wheel when it comes to makeup. And with correcting, colors opposite of one another can help to cancel each other out. For example, green cancels out red, so applying a green concealer can hide any redness you may have. Hence, considering the color wheel when selecting a color corrector can help to make your makeup work better for you.

When to use green concealer by Miracos Makeup and Barbara Ritzman

Use a green concealer to cancel out any redness and give an even toned base for flawless foundation application. It is also ideal for light acne coverage.

When to use a yellow concealer by Miracos Makeup and Barbara Ritzman

Yellow is best for camouflaging bluish (blue & purple) undertones, like the dark circles under the eye. It is also perfect for evening out your skin tone as well as brightening around the eye area and masking signs of fatigue.

When to use a purple concealer by Miracos Makeup and Barbara Ritzman

A purple concealer helps to remove yellow undertones and is great for tackling a dull, lackluster complexion.

When to use a pink concealer by Miracos Makeup and Barbara Ritzman

A pink concealer is better described as salmon or peach and is excellent for those with a lighter skin tone wanting to hide under eye circles. It also is a wonderful brightening agent covering signs of fatigue.

Orange Concealer tips by Miracos Makeup and Barbara Ritzman

Orange concealers are for those with a darker skin tone, who want to cover that dark under eye circle. Using an orange hue is also ideal for canceling out blue tones and hyper-pigmentation.


Makeup Color Correcting 101 With Miracos Makeup and Barbara Ritzman

What Else You Need To Know About Color Concealers

  1. Use small amounts at first to see what works and exactly how much you need to get the desired look. 
  2. As with any makeup application, blending is key. The goal is to minimize not highlight those imperfections.
  3. Do apply with a makeup brush or sponge and make sure you are only focusing on the areas you want to minimize.  A color corrector is not meant to be used all over the entire face as the last thing you want is to move or apply pigment to the wrong area.
  4. Primers: Always, start with a clear primer first, as this will help to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines while preventing false wrinkles, that can be caused if you apply any makeup to a naked face.  These clear primers create the perfect base for foundation application.

So there you have it, our secret weapon for making those imperfections magically disappear!

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  • kristi mickelson on February 26, 2019

    Love it.Looks awesome very beautiful colors

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