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How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Shaped Based On Your Face Shape

by MIRACOS MAKEUP |  | 1 comment

 A great frame can take an ordinary picture to a different level.  We view your eyebrows as such.

Your eyebrows form a frame around your eyes taking them from Plain Jane to Glamorous Brow, but do you know how to do this? More importantly, which brow shape fits your face?

Believe it, or not all brow shapes are not for every face. Like most things in life one size does not fit all. So, knowing which brow shape will better accentuate your face and features is essential and the best way to determine this is by the shape of your face.

How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Based On Your Face Shape with miracos Makeup

Face Shapes And The Brows Best For That Shape


For this face shape, you want to have a sharply arched brow.  This will help to give your eyebrows more of a lift and will add some definition.


For those with a heart-shaped face your face is usually wider, so sticking with a rounded arch, will allow you to soften the face, so it does not look so harsh. The curve of the brow also acts as the top part of a  heart, while the point of your chin works as the point. 


This shape face can be a bit masculine, so for this shape, we prefer a softer brow, by making them appear rounder. Or an angled brow to make them appear stronger. 


While this face shape gives you more options, we fancy a soft angled eyebrow shape, considering your face is already oval.


The goal with this is to make your face appear shorter. Therefore, a straight brow can help to create this illusion.


Curved lashes will help in making the widest part of your face less wide, balancing out your features. 

Different brows shapes by Miracos Makeup

The Perfect Brush For The Perfect Brow

Once you’ve determined the brow that best suits your face shape, now you need to have the correct brushes to help you perfect your brow.

Fortunately, we have some fantastic brow brushes that can give you the brow chicka brow, brow you’ve been waiting.

Dual Brush

This is two tools in one.

The angle of this brush allows for better precision and control giving you the option of a bold or natural brow.

Finish your look by grooming your eyebrows into place with the spoolie. 

This dual brush can be found in our Stiletto Essential Eye Brush Kit.

Angled Brow Brush

This brush which can be found in our Anti-bacterial brush set.  It is a bit stiffer, which makes it precise for applying a thin line, filling in gaps and carving out your brow.

Stilettos Limited Edition 3D Brow Brush

Take your brows to the next level with this 3D brow brush. Perfect for adding dual colors to the brow, with light strokes of a darker shade to fill in sparse brows. And finish with the lighter shade to complete the look.


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  • Santos on January 21, 2019

    I have trouble to do my eyebrows and my eyebrows are very thin that looks like i don’t have eyebrows do i can shape like i have eyebrows

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