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How to care for your makeup brushes


Your makeup brushes are the essential part of every girl’s beauty collection. Your makeup brushes make your makeup look defined and flawless. Therefore, it is important for you to take proper care of your makeup brushes.

Let’s have a conversation about keeping these sacred makeup tools clean. Washing and caring for your brushes is a crucial step of your beauty routine because it removes leftover makeup, dirt and grime from the environment, and face and makeup oils.

If you don’t wash your brushes consistently, not only does the makeup look less amazing, but it can cause you to break out or get pink eye. So ladies, please don’t neglect washing your brushes!

First things first…

Wash your Makeup Brushes Often

Remember the leftover makeup, dirt and grime from the environment, and face and makeup oils we just talked about a few seconds ago? That will only disappear from your makeup brushes after a cleaning. It is recommended for you to wash your brushes weekly. 

If you’re a makeup artist or wear a lot amount of makeup it is suggested to wash your brushes daily. Also, it is recommended for you to wash your brushes weekly with a brush cleaner and monthly with a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo.

2 Simple Methods to Wash Your Brushes

There are two simple methods that you can use to wash your brushes. Use the method that best applies to your makeup brush usage.

Baby Shampoo Method

  1. Pour a penny sized amount of baby shampoo into a container with lukewarm water
  2. Swirl your brushes around in the warm water
  3. Gently massage the bristles back and forth to remove the excess gunk
  4. Use clean warm water to rinse the brush
  5. Squeeze the water out of the brush
  6. Lay brush flat to dry on a dry surface

Brush Cleaner Method

  1. For everyday brush cleaning, use a well-trusted brush cleanser
  2. Squeeze a penny sized amount of brush cleaner into a small cup
  3. Gently dip your brush into the cleaner
  4. Swirl the brush around on a towel (this will absorb the brush cleanser and removing the dirt along with it).

Now that you have washed them, there is one more thing to look for...

Look for Signs of Wear and Tear

When you notice that it takes your brushes a bit longer to get clean, it could be a sign for you to replace them. As a general rule of thumb, you should be replacing your makeup brushes every three months or so. Again this depends on how often you use them and wash them. It’s also important to check and notice for bristle shedding. As long as your brushes aren’t shedding on your face when you use them, smell funny, or the bristles aren’t severely discolored they can you last a lifetime with proper care maintenance. 

Be sure to wash your brushes often and take good care of them, so they can last you a lifetime!

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