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Cheat Sheet To Choosing The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

by Barbara Ritzman |

When it comes to eyeshadow, choosing the right shade for your eye color is key. Whether your eyes are blue, brown, green, or hazel, there are shades that are meant for you!

Color Wheel
Remember that color wheel from back in one of your art classes in elementary school, well hey you have a use for this. When selecting an eyeshadow, consider using shades with similar hues or colors that are on the opposite end of the color wheel. By taking this approach, you will step up your game and really complement the intensity of your eyes. Don't know what colors to test? Then check out our cheat sheet below on how to find the best eyeshadow for your eye color.

Blue Eyes
Warmer colors make blue eyes appear brighter. For blue eyes consider the basic color wheel really as it really works for you. For instance, blue and orange are complementary colors, which means if you are applying a copper hue to the eye it will give you a nice contrast and will brighten the eye.

Eyeshadow Colors That Work Best: Copper, gray, peach, rose, champagne and bronze complement blue eyes the most.

Brown Eyes
Women with brown eyes have the most color options. Why? Because brown is neutral, and you are not competing with other colors.

Eyeshadow Colors That Work Best: Purple, teal, green, and bronze complement brown eyes the most.

Application Tip: For the most eye-catching effect, concentrate the color along the upper lash line and blend out, this will help to make them pop more.

Eyeshadow colors that compliment your eye color by Barbie Ritzman and Miracos Makeup

Green Eyes
Violet colors will help to enhance the emerald color in your eyes the most. Other colors that are great for green eye are rust, wines, and rose golds.

Other Tips: If you have green eyes you want to stay away from shadows and eyeliners with blue undertones as they will make your eyes appear dull.

Hazel Eyes
Due to the number of colors in your eyes, you have many options here. Depending on the color in your eye that you want to pick up, there is an eyeshadow color to help you do that.

Eyeshadow Colors That Work Best: Burgundy, rust, deep purples, browns and other neutrals are best at complementing the hazel eye.

Other Tips: Blues are usually a color you want to stay away from as it can make your eyes look very dull or washed out. 

Other Eyeshadow Tips
To add some depth and dimension to your eyes consider adding a darker color in the crease of the eye.

Use An Eye Primer: Just like a primer on the face, an eye primer will help your shadow to last longer while helping to avoid creasing. Furthermore, primers can enhance the pigmentation of the shadow, so you will use less product which a is always plus.

Eyeshadow brushes for the perfect eyeshadow by Barbie Ritzman and Miracos Makeup

Use High Quality Makeup Brushes: If you have purchased an eyeshadow palette and it comes with a sponge application, toss that applicator in the trash. Sponge applicators can absorb too much product, plus they don’t hold up well if your try to clean them. Instead invest in a quality brush set like our Stiletto essential luxury eye brush kit. This luxurious brush kit consists of 4 essential synthetic eye brushes that have you covered in creating your next hot look.

In conclusion, whichever color eye you have you want to choose a hue that will flatter not only your eyes, but also your complexion. As you can see from above if you want to complement your eyes use a contrasting color on the color wheel, not the same as the eye!

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