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7 Makeup Tips To Sweat Proof Your Makeup This Summer

by Barbara R |  | 1 comment

We love Summer, but sometimes it doesn't always show the love to our makeup. But that doesn’t have to be the case with these top tips for keeping your makeup summer ready!

So, if you want to find out how to sweat proof your makeup this summer continue reading.

Start Off Cool
If you are one of those who applies your makeup right after you get out of the shower, stop as your skin is too warm! Instead, wait about 10 minutes so your body can cool down before applying makeup. Your makeup will go on much better when your skin is cool as when you apply foundation to a warm surface, it will absorb the ingredients quicker which can cause a breakout as well as a blotchy finish.

Prepping the skin properly will allow you to get a much better makeup application. So, make sure to exfoliate the skin and don’t forget the toner.

Toners should be used immediately after cleansing as they help to clear away residual impurities left on the skin. Furthermore, a toner will improve the appearance of an uneven skin tone and enlarged pores as putting makeup on the unbalanced skin is a sure way for it to melt off later!

Use A Primer
Primers are a must! Without them, your makeup will sweat off, sit in your pores, create false wrinkles, leaving you with a dull appearance! On the other hand, when you do use a primer, you'll find that your foundation will have a much smoother finish while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Use A Lighter Foundation
In the summer months, it is always best to switch your foundation to a lighter oil-free product as full coverage foundations are more likely to melt. Another option is to choose a BB or CC cream or even a tinted moisturizer instead.

Skip The Powder
Put away that compact or loose powder to get rid of that shine as powders are not your friend in the summer months. Not only will they highlight any fine lines or wrinkles, but they can also dull the skin.

Refresh With A Facial Mist
After you’ve spent time layering, baking, blending and more, the last thing you want is your masterpiece to disappear in a few hours. With a good setting spray, you will be able to keep your makeup looking fresh, with minimal touch-ups. They are also great for an instant pick me up as you can reapply later to refresh your makeup all while keeping your skin hydrated.


Apply Your Makeup With A Makeup Brush Instead Of A Sponge By Miracos Makeup Brushes and Barbie Ritzman

Apply Your Makeup With A Makeup Brush Instead Of A Sponge
In addition to implementing all the steps above, applying your makeup with a quality makeup brush, like our Ion Tapered Foundation Brush is a much better choice. Not only will it allow for more control over how much makeup will be on the skin, it will also absorb less product. Sponges, on the other hand, can absorb too much product which in turn will get deposited to your skin.

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