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How to Choose the Right Foundation

by Amigo Liang |  | 2 comments

With the current number of shades, finishes, and coverage levels available, foundation is just as customizable as a your go-to Starbucks order. And that's exactly what makes it one of the toughest makeup products to buy. The ultimate goal is a foundation that looks like your own skin — only better. This can be hard to achieve when most makeup aisles have...

The Brushes You Actually Need for Daily Makeup

by Amigo Liang |  | 1 comment

In the beauty universe, you know you've reached peak adulthood once you've amassed a full collection of makeup brushes and know how to use each one correctly. But not all of us have a personal makeup brush guide to help us get there, so if you're still applying powder eye shadow with your fingers, we get it. With so many...

How to Pack Makeup for Travel

by MIRACOS MAKEUP |  | 1 comment

Not every woman wears makeup, and some of us can’t live without it. The truth is that styled hair and proper-faced makeup truly make you look fresh. For travel, you can’t and no need to bring your entire beauty cabinet, but to bring along essential items that enhance your features for a natural, up-to-date look. What Makeup Can...

How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Shaped Based On Your Face Shape

by MIRACOS MAKEUP |  | 1 comment

 A great frame can take an ordinary picture to a different level.  We view your eyebrows as such. Your eyebrows form a frame around your eyes taking them from Plain Jane to Glamorous Brow, but do you know how to do this? More importantly, which brow shape fits your face? Believe it, or not all brow shapes are not for...

Top 10 Must Have Beauty Items For Back To School

by Barbara Ritzman |

Summer is almost coming to an end, and before you know it you’ll be packing up and moving back to campus! However, what you want to take with you and what you need may be hard to decide!Whether for your early morning class or a late nighter, we have put together our "Top 10 Must Have Beauty Items For Back...

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